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About Hyundai 

Established in 1964, Hyundai Oilbank Co., Ltd was the first private oil company in the Republic of Korea. For the past half century, Hyundai Oilbank has led the energy industry of Korea and now has become a global comprehensive energy enterprise with its expanding presence in the petrochemical and lubricant sectors.

HYUNDAI is a representative brand that has led the global market in areas such as shipbuilding and, construction equipment and industrial plant production.

About our XTeer products

XTeer is the most advanced engine oil designed for your specific car needs. Be it for protecting your high-tech engine, fuel saving, for cars with the latest technology, super cars, protecting advanced engine parts and considering the environment. Made by Hyundai's most advanced technology from Korean it includes:

1) Viscosity Modifier

2) Detergent & Dispersant

3) Anti-Oxidant

4) Anti-wear

5) Pour Point Depressant

5) Anti-foamer

6) Friction Modifier

7) Corrosion and Rust Inhibitor

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